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About Us

Finding Inspiration in reinventing people

We are a team of professionals working to help people find their best version ever. We strive to help people achieve their fitness goals. Whatever may be the fitness goal from weight loss, diabetic management, muscle strength and endurance or to lead a healthy life there is no shortcuts to acheive it. Fitness is not a destination but a way of living. We are aware of hurdles on the way to fitness but we are determined to hold your hands and guide you through it. We believe in evidence based practice for making people healthier.

Message from our Founder

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I'm Sangeetha Duraiswamy, a physiotherapist graduated from The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R medical university, Chennai and I started my  career as a physiotherapist in Voluntary health service, Chennai. I then moved to work as a reseach associate in  National Jalma institute for leprosy and other mycobacterial diseases, Agra. Post that I worked in different non- clinical positions that requires medical knowledge. My actual entry into fitness industry started when I joined as a fitness expert in Healthifyme, a weight loss app. I helped more than 200 clients to achieve their fitness goals. 
Born as a youngest member of  the family, I was well pampered and was chubby from childhood till my graduation. I myself transformed from 64 Kg to 55 Kg to motivate my  patients and clients to work towards their health. Thanks to my physiotherapy course, it was easy for me to understand the science behind weight loss. But I then realised weight loss journey needs lot of dedication and motivation rather than just information. My clients often felt difficult to track their food intake and their exercise routine in app as it takes extra time. They felt more motivated interacting with me, rather than an AI tool. While most of the online fitness platforms requires you to track on their app, we will never ask you to track anything. Our team will connect with you personally to understand your goals, choices and will plan your diet and workout with due care and will motivate you thought out your journey everyday. Your alarm may fail to wake you up, but we will not!

- Sangeetha Duraiswamy B.P.T., C.S.P.T., M.I.A.P., M.B.A. (HRM), M.Sc. (Diet and food service management)

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